A global standard to measure
Technology Health™

G-Technology Health™ is a global, patent-pending standard to measure and grow the health of your technology organization. The G-Technology Health Score™ is a KPI that has become a standard language for business and technology teams to work together.

G-Technology Health™Score

How do I know my technology team is doing a “good job”?

Velocity Frustrations


Missing deadlines? Poor planning and estimation? Overall lack of trust in delivery?

Increasing Costs

Tech Costs

New initiatives costing more and more, more capacity and investment needed without clear ROI?

Difficulty in Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent

Difficulty in Recruiting &
Retaining Tech Talent

High turnover of tech staff? No standard of what makes a "good" technology leader? Difficulty developing leaders?

Clear root causes traceable to pragmatic solutions

Our audit process is a 30 day, qualitative and quantitative analysis, measuring your technology platforms and team against the G-Technology Health™ Playbook. Our unique audit process not only results in scoring your technology, but pragmatic identification of root causes and mapped to solutions you can implement right away.

Are we working on the most optimal revenue-generating items?
Are we building technology that will scale?
Do we have the right technology leadership and talent?
Does our process serve velocity and transparency?

G-Technology Health™

G-Technology Health™ ‍Playbook

G-Technology Health™

Built on 20+ years of successful technology transformations, holistically incorporating Roadmaps, Architecture, Leadership & People, and Process

G-Technology Health™Audit

G-Technology Health™

Our 30 day audit process is not only 75% faster than audits in the industry, but built on a measurable framework resulting in solutions you can implement

G-Technology Health™Score

G-Technology Health™

Higher scores are directly correlated to increases in delivery velocity, customer satisfaction, and lowered operating costs

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Founded by the
former CTO of Experian

Emad is recognized globally as an execution-focused CTO and powerful transformational leader

Former CTO of a number of enterprise brands including Experian, leading global transformations and 2-5x scaling efforts

Proven track record of tangibly scaling midsize to enterprise organizations, recognized by many industry awards including the Computerworld Premier IT 100


“In the brief period Emad worked with us, he has literally transformed the organization. He is a truly exceptional technology leader. Combining the rare mix of exceptional EQ with very strong technical depth, all wrapped up in an endless supply of positivity. He builds teams, delegates effectively, charts the course and then leads from the front. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Emad, and more so, to now be able to call him a friend. I highly recommend Emad to anyone seeking to elevate their technology leadership. He will make a significant difference!”

CPO, Fortune 100 healthcare company

“Emad is transparent in the way he operates and expects the same of others. He sets a high bar for himself and his team to engineer solutions and takes accountability on delivering against commitments. Due to Emad’s intellectual chops and his natural curiosity to hear from others, you can count on an engaging conversation with any audience. As a company executive, Emad asks the tough but critical questions toensure we are making the right business decisions and setting ourselves up for success. Emad is truly a trusted and valued partner and I am fortunate to work him.”

CEO, $3b retail giant

“Emad is a rare find: a practical, no-nonsense leader with deep technical expertise who inspires everyone heworks with to be their very best. He expects high standards from his team and remains actively involved in their development and success. He was an invaluable addition to the internal mentor program. As a mentor,he role modeled outstanding leadership behaviors, a commitment to learning and growth and creativeproblem solving skills. He truly is a leader who "walks his talk.””

CFO, Fortune 100 SaaS company

Trusted by top industry partners

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